Safeguarding Oilfield Operations: Unlocking the Role of SiteSafe™ Drilling Rig Mats

Tired of damaged bolted wooden access mats? Broken or damaged traditional access mats are common in heavy-duty sites, especially in the oil and gas sectors. Bolted wooden access mats fail to withstand heavy loads and machinery due to their lack of durability. As a result, your machinery and crew may be at risk when navigating the worksite.

Seeking a solution? Look no further than SiteSafe™ drilling rig mats. In this blog, we will explore why rig matting is the best access solution for the oil and gas industry.

SiteSafe™ Drilling Rig Matting in Oil and Gas Sectors

Importance of Using SiteSafe™ Drilling Rig Matting in Oil and Gas Sectors

Compared to traditional bolted wooden access mats, SiteSafe™ drilling rig mats better withstand heavy loads. Leveraging their durability and strength, you can create strong temporary bridges over crossings, and challenging uneven terrain to transfer and set machinery and crew when navigating the area.

Moreover, the chances of damaged access mats at the end of the project are reduced. SiteSafe™ CLT rig mats, include SiteSafe™ traditional steel frame rig mats and SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 and 700 Timber (CLT) rig mats. They are the best choice, ensuring lifelong longevity and lasting performance. Hence, you can conveniently access your job sites without worrying about damage.

Traditional SiteSafe™ rig mats are comprised of 3 to 4-rail steel frames with wooden inserts and cross beams, making it best for heavy-duty applications. This unique design allows for easy transfer of machinery and heavy loads that traditional 3-ply bolted wooden access mats can’t offer due to their lack of durability and strength.


  • Creating strong structural roadways to transfer heavy loads
  • Better and safer access to the job sites for your crew, such as oil and gas fields
  • 8′ Wide x 20′ or 40′ long (custom size available)
  • Interlocking options available

SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 Timber (CLT) rig mats

Our SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 Timber (CLT) rig mats are the leading choice in the oil and gas industry for durable and strong onsite access solutions. Compared to traditional wooden bolted mats, these SiteSafe™ CLT rig mats are designed innovatively to ensure maximum strength and durability to navigate worksites with heavy machinery.

SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 Timber (CLT) rig mats are created from five layers of cross-laminated timber and structurally safe and eco-friendly adhesive instead of bolts, allowing them to withstand even the heaviest loads. Moreover, there is a wax seal on the four edges of these SiteSafe™ CLT rig mats to prevent moisture penetration.


  • Maximum durability and strength to withstand heavy machinery and equipment
  • 5-ply access mat (5 layers of cross-laminated timber) to handle the heaviest loads
  • Eco-friendly and structurally safe adhesive used instead of bolts, guaranteeing lasting performance and lifelong longevity
  • Wax seal on the four edges to keep it safe from moisture penetration
  • Dimensions: 8’ wide X 14′ length & 8’wide x 16’ length X 7” thick
  • Sustainably manufactured

Types of Drilling Rig Mats

SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 700 Timber (CLT) rig mats

These SiteSafe™ CLT rig mats are no different from SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 Timber (CLT) rig mats, except that they are a 7-ply access mat. It means these SiteSafe™ rig mats are made of 7 layers of cross-laminated timber, making them the best option for heavy machinery.


  • Dimensions: 8′ wide x 14′ or 16′
  • Sustainably manufactured
  • 7-ply access mat
  • Ability to withstand the heaviest loads, equipment, and machinery
  • Wax sealer to avoid moisture penetration
  • Eco-friendly adhesive instead of bolts to ensure longevity

Best Place to Find SiteSafe™ Drilling Rig Mats

At GFI Solutions, we have the best products for you for SiteSafe™ CLT rig mats. We use sustainably sourced materials, such as plantation grown Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine, to create our SiteSafe™ drilling rig mats, including SiteSafe™ traditional rig mats and SiteSafe™ Cross Laminated 500 and 700 Timber (CLT) rig mats. We also offer custom-sized SiteSafe™ rig mats.

So, whether to purchase or rent SiteSafe™ CLT drilling rig mats, count on us. Get a quote today!