Embrace the Green: Popularity of Cross-Laminated Timber Mats in the Market

Forget clunky metal and flimsy plywood, there’s something new in the town: cross-laminated timber mats. These unique and innovative mats are shaking up the construction industry with their surprising versatility, sustainability and strength. So, buckle up because we are going to dive into the world of cross-laminated mats and the reasons surrounding the future of temporary access and ground protection. 

What Is Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)?

Cross-laminated timber, the latest eco-friendly superhero is on the way. Unlike their outdated counterparts, these sustainable mats skip the clunky bolts and depend on a strong and environmentally friendly adhesive. This magic glue holds the layers of lumber together at right angles, creating a solid panel of wood which appears to be sturdy as well as significantly lightweight.

Consider these mats as the multitaskers that are ready to tackle temporary access roads, and work platforms, and even protect delicate grounds. Built with a minimum of 3 layers of lumber, each laid perpendicularly and bonded together to provide maximum strength. Made from fast-growing renewable timber, these mats are the champions of sustainability. 

Hey, don’t underestimate this innovative wonder! 

Cross-laminated timber mats are engineered wood panels that act as the prime face of the construction industry.  Let’s unleash the many good reasons why it is championing the trending construction domain.


Bid farewell to the traditional steel and concrete. Presenting the very high-quality CLT mats that are made from fast-growing, renewable timber that is the champion for the environment. Every mat you see and choose is a step towards a greener and sustainable future, leaving lighter footprints on our planet.

Offers Strength Like No Other:

Are you quite skeptical about its strength and quality? Do not let the “wood” fool you. Our CLT mats are surprisingly strong and special thanks to their innovative construction. Pay attention to the layers of lumber that are glued together at the right angle to create a solid panel that withstands heavy loads from trucks and cranes, making them ideal for temporary work platforms and roadways.

Featherweight Champ:

In comparison to their steel counterparts, CLT mats are incredibly light. This makes the product easier and faster to install, saving you time, money, and maybe ensure peace of mind too. Imagine the efficiency boost you can actually experience with this lightweight mat material. 

Cost-Effective Hero:

You may find the initial investment to be a bit higher but these CLT mats offer a longer lifespan and require less maintenance than imagined. In the long run, these installations will not only save you money but also reduce waste, making them a smart financial decision.

Versatility Is the Key:

Think of CLT mats as the ultimate multitaskers of the construction world. They are not just for temporary roads; they can also be used for right of ways, work pads, staging areas, and even protecting delicate ground. They adapt to various needs, making them incredibly versatile.

Easy Does It:

Installing and removing CLT mats is a breeze, even with smaller equipment. Their lighter weight makes them easier to handle, reducing labour costs and speeding up the process.

clt mats in trending construction

Ready to join the cross-laminated timber mat revolution? Consider these mats for your next project and experience the difference. Remember, it’s not just about building stronger structures, it’s about building a more sustainable future, one mat at a time.

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