Unleashing the Power of Crane Mats in Large Civil Construction Projects

Unleashing the Power of Crane Mats in Large Civil Construction Projects

Nowadays, large civil construction projects mostly involve heavy equipment. But, it becomes challenging to navigate those machines on uneven terrain and rocky landscapes, especially at environmentally sensitive job sites. In this case, you need access to solutions designed to grapple with this challenge and ensure a safe and efficient job, this is where solid and durable crane mats come into play. They provide a strong work foundation to withstanding the heaviest loads from robust machines.

Interested in crane mats? Discover what they are, how they function, and their advantages!

What Is a Crane Mat, and How Do They Benefit Large Civil Projects?

Crane mats are heavy equipment mats made of large timbers that have a common thickness and are green in moisture content. The most common sizes of crane mats are 16′ to 40′ in length, 8” to 12” thick, and 4′ wide. Compared to traditional wooden access mats, these strong and durable access mats provide reliable ground protection against the loads and pressure of large machinery. Also, these timber mats for cranes offer the maximum stabilization to tackle construction projects involving crane operations. Hence, you can easily transport heavy construction equipment across environmentally sensitive work areas without damaging the landscape. 

However, the benefits of crane mat installation is not limited to just supporting the heavy loads of cranes and other large machinery, like loaders, bulldozers, excavators, and more. These durable access solutions go beyond that. For instance:

#1: Crane mats to keep equipment safe-

Uneven terrain can damage the construction machinery or make them mired in mud when navigating across rocky landscapes or temporary roadways. Crane mats work as a barrier between the terrain and construction machinery to keep the equipment and workers safe. Moreover, they are used for ground protection. Its versatility allows it to use these durable mats on any kind of landscape, such as swamps, wetland areas, marshes, and even rocky grounds.

#2: Crane mats are useful in a wide range of projects-

Any large civil construction projects that involve the use of heavy machinery like cranes, excavators, or loaders for heavy lifting may require crane mats as the preferred access solution. Crane mats are used in various applications such as renewable projects, like wind turbine installation, bridge construction, excavation projects, mining, pipelines, or those needing crane access trestles. Given the need for additional stability support, crane mats emerge as the optimal choice for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of heavy machinery in such projects.

#3: Use of crane mats in oil and gas sectors-

Oil and gas projects require the construction of temporary roadways and bridges to access remote areas and allow heavy equipment, vehicles, and workers to arrive there. Installing crane mats will help you navigate robust machines across those temporary roadways, especially on rocky and uneven terrain, during gas and oil projects. 

#4: Crane mats come with custom sizing options-

The typical size of crane mats is 8” to 12” thick, 4′ wide, and 16′ to 40′ in length, allowing ground protection against the heavy loads of cranes and other large machines. Its exceptional and tailored sizing options make it suitable for various civil construction projects to withstand the pressure of heavy machinery. 

Benefits of Crane Mat

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Crane mat rentals ensure your equipment and crew are working safely at remote work sites. With our access solutions, expert crews, and extensive equipment fleet, you can be confident in achieving safe and efficient results. Whether your project requires 10 crane mats or a larger order of 5,000 crane mats, we’ve got you covered.

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