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TerraLam CLT access mats are a great alternative to traditional bolted mats, as they can save you time and money. Learn more about GFI Solutions’ TerraLam 300 CLT access mats below! 

TerraLam Access Mats Rise Above the Competition

GFI Solutions’ TerraLam 300 Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats outperform traditional bolted mats and numerous other matting competitors. How? TerraLam CLT mats are constructed through an innovative process that ensures exceptional reliability and strength. GFI Solutions’ TerraLam 300 access mats are manufactured from cross-laminated timber using an environmentally safe structural adhesive. These perpendicularly adhered boards make up the CLT mat. This alows the CLT mat to transfer the load weight of heavy equipment evenly throughout the entire mat rather than at the point of mechanical fastening, like traditional bolted mats do. Moreover, since TerraLam 300 CLT mats are wax sealed on all four edges and don’t require bolts, these mats are protected from moisture. Below are some key specifications of the TerraLam 300 CLT access mat: 

Specifications:  TerraLam 300

  • Part number: TL3S148FI
  • No. of Ply: 3-ply Cross Laminated Timber
  • Dimensions: 8’ width X 14’ or 16’ length X 5” thick
  • Weight: 1,350 lbs
  • Construction: Solid Core
  • Material: All Layers Manufactured from Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine
  • Additional Features: Beveled Edges, Available With or Without 10” Oak Fingers

Robust and Built to Last!

GFI Solutions’ TerraLam 300 CLT mats are engineered to be a lightweight, longer-lasting access solution compared to conventional access matting options. Since these mats are manufactured from sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine(SYP), they last about 3-5X longer than competing products made from Douglas Fir or Oak. Furthermore, TerraLam 300 CLT access mats use an eco-friendly adhesive to bond kiln dried SYP togehter. WIth moisture taken out of the wood they weigh significantly less than competing access products. This weight reduction allows you to transport more mats per load. That means you can save up to 60% on freight costs!

With GFI Solutions’ outstanding turn-key services, you can switch and save money with TerraLam 300 CLT access mats! Each of GFI Solutions’ TerraLam 300 CLT access mats is engineered and quality tested to ensure overall performance. So with TerraLam 300 CLT access mats, you can rest assured that your project is getting an industry-leading, robust, and durable access solution.

Your Source for TerraLam Access Mats and More!

Based in Whitecourt, Alberta, GFI Solutions proudly distributes access products throughout Western Canada and nationwide. Our team of industry experts is here to provide you with round-the-clock service and support. In addition to our offering of TerraLam CLT access mats, we also stock TerraCross access bridges, Rig mats, Crane mats, and more! 

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