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Do you need site access solutions you can depend on no matter the weather or the landscape in question? GFI Solutions is here to help! As one of Canada’s leading suppliers of site access solutions, including site-safe CLT mats, access bridges, GFI is proud to partner with clients in a wide variety of sectors to help them meet their transport and site-specific needs.

With the top products readily available alongside services that include delivery, installation, mat washing, inventory management and more, GFI Solutions is your first choice for CLT access mats across the nation, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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At GFI, we know that creating a safe site involves far more than dropping off access solutions and leaving you in the dust. Our team is committed to quality service and support and proudly offers same-day shipping and expedited delivery to and from the job site, all year round. From ensuring you have the perfect temporary roadway to repairing damaged mats, cleaning after a project finishes, or even helping you find the best replacement for your tired bolted mats, you can rest easy knowing our team has you covered.


Cross Laminated Timber mats have quickly become one of the most trusted and in-demand site access products on the market and for good reason. CLT mats were created with the intention of improving upon the performance offered by bolted mats, and are made using a much different process that involves bonding alternating perpendicular layers of wood with an environmentally safe adhesive to form the finished product instead of simply bolting planks into place.

This method of bonding the planks together creates a much more flexible mat that can flex under heavy loads to evenly distribute the strain without snapping, giving you superior performance despite the much lighter weight of the mat (nearly 40% less). For those who need mats can handle serious heavy-duty work, there’s no need to fear. Our 500 level models can perform the same tasks as traditional rig and crane mats, all while saving you money on shipping and transport thanks to the much lighter

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GFI Solutions offers comprehensive matting services all across Canada, including rentals, sales, delivery and installation, and more. Our inventory includes a wide range of site-safe access mats in multiple sizes and weights for your convenience and our 24/7 support means you’ll never be left in the dark. For all of your temporary pathways, crane mat, and general access mat needs, GFI is here to help.

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