Used Mats for Sale

Looking to save on high-quality access mats but still get a high return on investment from your access mats? Our inventory of used traditional bolted mats will give you just that! GFI Solutions’ used access mats for sale have grades A, B and C available to purchase.
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Used Traditional Bolted Mats

Our used traditional bolted mats for sale have undergone a thorough inspection to ensure they are up to code. If you need an access mat solution for terrain troubles, try out our traditional bolted mats. Each of these mats is carefully washed and bleached to avoid any potential cross-contamination between sites and jobs. They will allow you to create a temporary road to move heavy machinery and equipment around the worksite while also being easily removable to allow the surrounding environment to return to its natural state as soon as possible. For any access needs, used traditional bolted mats are the most cost-friendly option to overcome terrain obstacles. 

Our Inventory

We offer a range of used mats for sale at GFI Solutions. Our inventory is as follows:

TerraLam 500 CLT Rig Mats

Sizes: 4′ or 8′ wide x 14′, 16′ or 18′
5-ply construction
Manufactured from sustainably sourced Southern Yellow Pine

TerraLam 700 CLT Rig Mats

Sizes: 8′ wide x 14′ or 16′
7-ply construction
Manufactured from sustainably sourced Southern Yellow Pine

GFI’s Used Mats For Sale

Alongside selling used traditional bolted mats, GFI Solutions offers used Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) access mats, crane mats and rig mats. All of our inventory has gone through testing to ensure you receive the best quality product for your project. With environmentally friendly materials and with your safety, cost, and timeline in mind, we have become Canada’s leading distributor of access solutions. GFI Solutions is ready to help you tackle any terrain roadblocks that you encounter. We offer quality and cost-effective solutions for any remote work project needing access solutions and take care to ensure that all of our matting meets all the requirements that your project needs.

Find Your Access Solution with GFI Solutions

At GFI, we are always looking to give our customers the best experience. To do this, we offer turnkey services such as:

  • Inventory management
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery & installation
  • Mat washing and bleaching
  • Rentals and used inventory
  • Planning & consultation, and more.

Talk to us about our inventory and your needs by contacting us today! Fill out our online form or call our 24/7 service and support phone line. We will get back to you as soon as possible to chat about specific ways that we can help.

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