Used Crane Mats 2023

When your remote worksite needs safe and reliable crane support, our tough and reliable used crane mats are what you need. Remote projects can suffer in the ever-changing state of Canadian weather. Safety becomes an issue, and production can be stalled when the ground is not sturdy enough to use a crane on. Looking for the perfect crane mat for your budget? Used crane mats at GFI Solutions are exactly what you need. Keep reading to learn more.

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Crane Mat Benefits

GFI’s used crane mats can create a safe and accessible working environment. Our used crane mats will give you more than just durable crane mats. Our customers also get:

  • Planning and consultation with experts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Mat management programs
  • Delivery and installation service

Remote work can be easier if you let it. GFI can deliver and install used crane mats for you and handle them correctly to avoid premature damage.

Why Choose Crane Mats?

Crane mats do two primary things. First, they support and protect the area under the crane from unnecessary damage. Environmentally sensitive areas must be protected during the work period, and our crane mats can help do just that. Secondly, it gives your crane support from the rough terrain that can cover the project site. By distributing the weight of heavy equipment over a larger surface area, crane mats help prevent sinking, shifting, or damage to the ground beneath. GFI Solutions offers used crane mats at a reduced price so that you can get the quality without the cost.

GFI Crane Mats

Reduce the ground pressure of your cranes and minimize the risk of equipment sinking or getting stuck with used crane scales. Our mat grading system will help you to pick the best combination of cost-friendliness and lifespan. We always have crane mats available! Contact the GFI team today to grab your used crane scales today.

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