Access Mats for Sale: Your Choice for a More Efficient Job Site


When it comes to accessing your worksite efficiently and safely, GFI Solutions is Canada’s trusted partner. We provide comprehensive worksite access solutions catering to various industries, including oil & gas, power, mining, forestry, and construction. Our extensive inventory includes high-quality CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) access mats, rig mats, temporary access bridges and more. With GFI Solutions, you’re not just getting access mats for sale; you’re gaining access to a team of experts and services available 24/7 to assist you when it matters most. Keep reading to find out more!

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Access Mats for Every Job

Access mats are the backbone of worksite productivity by preventing costly delays and equipment damage by offering a reliable path on uneven or challenging terrain. Moreover, they ensure safe and dependable access while minimizing environmental damage. At GFI Solutions, we take pride in offering top-notch new and used access mats for sale that you can trust, no matter the scope of your project.

CLT Access Mats: Upgrade Your Matting Today

GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats are revolutionizing worksite matting solutions. They surpass the standards set by traditional bolted mats by delivering superior performance and a longer life cycle. Created by bonding alternating perpendicular layers of sustainably sourced Long Leaf Southern Yellow Pine with a unique adhesive, CLT mats offer unmatched strength. They are also 40% lighter than traditional bolted mats, enabling the transport of up to 25% more per hauling load. With remarkable versatility, GFI Solutions’ CLT access mats are your source for a safer and more efficient job site.

GFI Matting Services

GFI Solutions offers a comprehensive range of matting services, ensuring that your worksite access needs are met efficiently:

  • Rentals: Our access mats are available for rent to suit your temporary access requirements.
  • Sales: At GFI Solutions, we offer a range of access mats for sale, including TerraLam®’s 300 and 500 series mats, used mats and more.
  • Turnkey Solutions: We offer various turnkey services that ensure the smooth operation of your project.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team is always available to provide the site access solutions and assistance you require.

More Than Just Access Mats

In addition to access mats, GFI Solutions offers an extensive inventory of matting solutions, including rig mats, crane mats, swamp mats, used traditional bolted mats, and more. Combined with our turnkey services, GFI Solutions is your one-stop destination to meet all your project’s access and matting requirements. When you choose GFI Solutions for your access mat needs, you’re not just choosing affordability and quality; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your project’s success.

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